Prices suggested on this web-site are approximations, costs/prices vary on the pace that you want to travel at, the number in the group, the length of your trip, your preferred means of transport, the grade of hotel you want plus other factors. Once you have filled in our Contact Us Questionnaire/form either an itinerary can be proposed by us for you with an exact quote, or a quote can be given on an itinerary that you have suggested. Don’t forget we’re not shoving you on a pre-programmed trip, we’ll read and listen carefully to what you have to say and design a package to suit you.

For a trekking trip for 2+ people think a basic ballpark cost of US$ 60 each per day, this will cover guide, porters and accommodation on trek, but not transport to and from the trek, trekking permits etc.

How to pay? Ten per cent of the tour cost should be paid as a deposit before the trek is organized and the rest should be paid to the relevant company in Kathmandu (or Pokhara) before your adventures begin.

NB most price estimates given on this web-site assume a group of 2, expect to pay less per person for a larger group or more per person on a single person trip. If trekking; single people on tea-house treks can be dealt with much more cost effectively than single people on camping treks.

Living costs in Kathmandu will vary but allow at least US$ 30 per day (above your accommodation) plus extra money for shopping.

A taxi from the airport to your hotel is around US$ 6, though we can pick you up no problem.

For adventure activity cash requirements please read Trekking Requirements.

US$ is the benchmark currency within the Nepali tourist industry for price quotes