Nepal is a great place for photographs, especially in the hills or mountains, the best time of year being undoubtedly post-monsoon, late-September and on, when the rain has washed the dust out of the air. Springtime can produce a lot more haze in some valleys.

Few people in Nepal object to having their photos taken, though a few may expect some small change and many will expect to be shown their image after you’ve snapped them. However in some areas, the Tsum Valley for example, some (especially older) people consider photography as an invasion of their privacy.

The olde worlde towns and cities of the Kathmandu Valley give fantastic opportunities, though the shadows in the cloistered streets can create challenges.

Make sure that you bring enough power with you, especially as you will be taking a lot of photographs. The Kathmandu electricity supply is unreliable and some chargers don’t respond well to it. Never rely on recharging your camera in a rural setting. Be warned I’ve seen frustrated photographers with non-functioning cameras.

If you need any advice on where and when to take photographs please don’t hesitate to ask us.

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