Nepal is a great place to explore, so take as long as you can and check out our site for alternative activities.

If you’re going on any adventure activity at least one whole day should be allowed in Kathmandu beforehand for purchasing and renting clothes and equipment, buying snacks, equipment checks, meeting the guide and porters etc.

At least 1 whole day should be allowed for visiting the key tourist sites in Kathmandu and an absolute minimum of 2 days for touring round the Kathmandu Valley. Kathmandu is also a surprisingly good  place for shopping for Xmas pressies etc.

We recommend leaving the above mentioned days until after a trek or any other adventure activity. This means that if the worst comes to the worst and in the unlikely event we’re delayed in the mountains by bad weather, sickness or the unforeseen (tracking a yeti etc) then this doesn’t have to involve us re-booking your flight home.

In addition you may of course want to do some of the other activities available.

Standard visas are issued on arrival for 15, 30 or 100 days.

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