Please note that all hotel rates quoted here include compulsory service charges and taxes, something sometimes neglected on their own websites.

In Kathmandu there is one key tourist area, Thamel, where nearly all accommodation tourist shops and facilities are located. However rising prices and demand have seen a spread out into peripheral areas, particularly Pakanajol to the northwest.

In Kathmandu we recommend 5 different hotels depending on your budget;

5 star; rates at the very upmarket Dwarika’s are from US$ 275 per night from October 1st to April 30th and from US$ 195 per night from May 1st to September 30th.

4 star; we recommend the Yak and Yeti, where we can get you deluxe or standard rooms at US$ 160, per night.

3 star; we recommend the Thamel Eco Resort where we can get you a suite at US$ 80, a deluxe room at US$ 65 and a standard room at US$ 50.

2 star; we recommend the The Hotel Pilgrims in which we can get you a deluxe double at US$ 45, a deluxe single at US$ 40, or a standard double at US$ 35 and a standard single at US$ 30.

Budget; we recommend the Hotel Lily in which we can get you a single room for US$ 13 or a double room for US$ 18.

Z Street, where the Hotel Lily is, has a number of good budget hotels.

There is also a thriving Airbnb sector worth checking out, for example check this out. Singles here are US$ 10 per night, doubles US$ 12 and US$ 15 inclusive of breakfast.

For Kathmandu Valley viewpoints we recommend the Balthali Village Resort where we can get bed and breakfast deluxe double rooms for US$ 65 and singles for US$ 50.

If you’re visiting Nagarkot;

4/5 star; we recommend the Club Himalaya, a top of the range hotel where we can get you bed and breakfast in a deluxe double for US$ 140 or a single for US$ 120.

3 star; we recommend the Hotel Country Villa, a popular hotel with great views, rooms and service. We can get you bed and breakfast there for US$ 80 for a double and US$ 65 for a single.

2 star; we recommend the Niva Niwa Lodge, which has great views. We can get bed and breakfast there for US$ 45 for a deluxe double and US$ 40 for a single or US$ 35 for a standard double and US$ 25 for a single.

Budget; we recommend the Hotel Galaxy View Tower which has a great viewing tower. We can get you bed and breakfast there for US$ 25 for a double and US$ 20 for a single.

In Pokhara we recommend;

4 star; the Temple Tree Resort and Spa is a highly recommended boutique hotel on the edge of Lakeside. We can get you double rooms, including breakfast, here for US$ 135 and singles for US$ 110. The Pokhara Grand is a luxury resort outside town, where we can get deluxe rooms at US$ 130. The Bahari is in the heart of the buzzing tourist zone of Lakeside, here we can get you deluxe rooms at US$ 90 and standard at US$ 79.

3 star; Mount Kailash Resort Hotel in Lakeside, we can get you double rooms at US$ 80 and singles at US$ 65.

2 star; Hotel Splendid View, Hotel Middle Path are both highly recommended and located in Lakeside. We can get you deluxe rooms at US$ 45 or standard at US$ 25 in each of these hotels. Ditto single rooms for US$ 35 or US$ 20.

Nepali hotels can get noisy, especially in Thamel, ear-plugs may be a good idea for any light sleepers.

Map of Thamel
Map of Kathmandu
Map of the Kathmandu Valley
Map of Pokhara

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