Kathmandu to Pokhara and Return Travel

These are the main transport options between Kathmandu and Pokhara that we can offer you. Please indicate your preference in the questionnaire/form at ‘Contact Us’, top right, and return it to us. Personally I recommend flying (ed.).

By plane — 30 minutes — US$ 105 o/w, US$ 210 return per person.
Road transport — 6 to 8 hours:
Private car (3 persons, 4 at a pinch) US$ 100 o/w, US$ 200 return.
Small minibus (maximum 11 persons) US$ 180 o/w, US$ 360 return.
Large minibus (maximum 15 persons) US$ 240 o/w, US$ 480 return.
Deluxe tourist bus US$ 22 o/w, US$ 44 return per person.
Normal tourist bus US$ 10 o/w, US$ 20 return per person.