A Mountain Guide on Yala Peak

The Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) has designated 18 lesser peaks, ranging in elevation from 5,587m to 6,654m, as Trekking Peaks – please check the link – we can organize a trek up any of them. These mountains offer a compromise between a standard trek and a mountaineering expedition, ranging in difficulty from moderately steep glacier hikes to mildly technical, rock and ice climbs. Previous climbing experience is not necessary, they are suitable for beginners, but you need to be able to cope with cold conditions and have some experience of mountains. The air at this altitude is thin so you need to be in good condition to climb them, and the view down can be a bit dramatic, ie you need to be both fit and adventurous.

They are best climbed between October and mid/late November, before the first snow falls, or between late March and early May. They all require government permits  costing US $350 for 1 to 4 trekkers, an additional US $40 each for the next 4 trekkers and US $25 each for the final 4 trekkers. Maximum team size is 12 trekkers. A US$ 250 refundable garbage deposit must also be made with the NMA.

The following peaks are classified as trekking peaks;

Mountain Name Metres Feet
Chulu East 6,584 21,600
Chulu West 6,419 21,060
Ganja La Chuli aka Naya Kanga 5,844 19,173
Hiunchuli 6,441 21,132
Imja-tse aka Island Peak 6,189 20,305
Khongma-tse aka Mehar Peak 5,820 19,095
Kusum Kangru 6,367 20,888
Kwandge 6,011 19,721
Lobuche East 6,119 20,075
Mardi Himal 5,555 18,225
Mera Peak 6,476 21,247
Paldor Peak 5,928 19,449
Pharchamo 6,187 20,298
Pisang Peak 6,091 19,983
Pokhalde 5,806 19,048
Ramdung 5,925 19,439
Shigu Chuli aka Fluted Peak 6,501 21,329
Tharpu Chuli aka Tent Peak 5,500 18,044

The highest is Mera Peak, and its not the most difficult with a great walk in.

View From the Ascent of Mera

View From the Ascent of Mera Peak


A View From Mera Peak with Makalu and Chamlang Prominent

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